Shearing Update #4 Becoming A HUMAN LASER

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Here’s The Knowledge That Allows Your Imagination To Heal Yourself And Others 

Laser Point

The universe and everything in it is all made up of the same “stuff”. If you have read posts #1 and #3, you have seen the references of the physics that talks about this. We can break it down to physical life consisting of DNA and then atoms but we can go even deeper by saying everything is light … everything is photons. Some of us already accept that everything is made out of energy. This energy, in its first “form” that we can see with our eyes, is light. Everything that exists is a certain but different frequency, or pattern, of light. If everything is light, (even people who are ill, since their patterns of light have been rearranged … which is what happens when illness strikes), can a coherent pattern of light make them well again? What could possibly again rearrange their patterns of light to bring back health?

In 2000 the Russian scientist V. Budakovski conducted an experiment where he shot a laser light to and then through a healthy raspberry plant and captured its DNA sequence pattern. He then shone it on to a diseased raspberry plant which had grown with a tumor (called a “callus” on a plant) on the stem. So the laser light first shone through and captured the healthy plant’s DNA pattern. And when it then was shone on and reached the diseased plant, it shone the healthy plant’s photon DNA pattern onto and through the diseased plant. The diseased plant was “healed” and continued to grow as a normal, healthy plant. (It did take a little bit of time for the disease to disappear, but the fact is IT DID!) The laser light pattern of the healthy plant’s photons restructured the pattern of the diseased photons. The plant was healed.

How To Capture And Use Light To Heal

QiGong Movements

An ancient Chinese teaching called the practice of QiGong is a way humans can capture this particular “technology” and fix the light pattern, or “heal”, themselves or others. In QiGong, the imagination (i.e. the mind) is used to capture the light energy available within the universe and direct it in specific ways and to specific places in the human body, in a specific order, to facilitate the correct flow of energy. Although it sounds much more complicated than it is, it is similar to having the right recipe to bake a cake with the right ingredients. Having the right knowledge to use QiGong is what enables it to work.

In my own personal life I am using QiGong to heal myself of multiple sclerosis. I did use this previously in 2004, healing the brain and body (1), and I continued daily practice up to and through 2011. But then life took a turn and the stressful circumstances which followed were my excuse for being too lazy to use it, for about another six years. During that time the MS symptoms I had previously experienced healing from began to slowly return. I ignored the symptoms until it was too late, and I had  reached the point of no return. Just when the painful emotional stress culminated into a life changing event, so did my health. It took a turn for the worse, and so I am in a wheelchair. Today, anyway.

Quiet Please, QiGong

But I know it won’t stay that way. I have come to terms (acceptance) with the emotional issues, and I have recently picked up my QiGong practice again. I am already recognizing the beginning healing changes, again. As time goes on and I write about my progress on this blog I will keep you updated. The easiest instruction I have found is from Master Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest QiGong in Minnesota. The videos and CD’s are descriptive and concise, with clear instruction showing how to do the different forms of QiGong, and how to use it to heal others. The testimonials from the people in the videos and on his website are convincing… that’s why I bought it the first time and used it to experience healing. And that’s why, and how, I will experience healing again. (John 14:12 +, for any one who’s interested.)

How And Where To Learn QiGong 

You can learn QiGong from a martial arts studio or other instructor, but most other forms of QiGong are unnecessarily complicated and can take years to learn, as you practice one part to perfection and then you are taught the next part. Spring Forest QiGong is easy to learn and do as you follow along with the video the first time. Its power can be felt as soon as you are finished. The 40 minutes of instruction for the “active exercise”, and the 27 minute “small universe sitting meditation”, are so powerful, I felt better and better every time I did it. And, still do.

Spring Forest QiGong  does not have an affiliate program so I do not make any money off of anything you purchase from them. I just want you to know that if you do choose to go to their website  and look for a suitable product, choose anything that says Level 1 “active exercise” and also “small universe” sitting exercise, or choose their newest product “The Five Element Healing Movements”. You can visit Spring Forest QiGong HERE.  QiGong is known to relieve pain and more.

I have recently come across some other “brands” of QiGong, and will (eventually) try them out and report on them for you. Although tradition says that once you start one “brand” of a martial art you should stick with that and not switch to another, I question that as just being an old-fashioned form of marketing. At least, in part. One thing they all do agree on though is whichever you choose, you must commit to doing it for at least 100 days, minimum. Oh, and don’t let the words “martial art” fool you. If you are familiar with how slow the practices of yoga or tai chi are, QiGong is even slower and easier.

We’ll visit again at the next Shearing Update where I’ll share more “unconventional perceptions to liberate your heart and mind”.

-Elaine xo

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(1) Some people may scoff at my insistence when they hear me proclaim how I was healed from multiple sclerosis. If I WAS, why am I sick from it again? Well, why do YOU get a cold or a flu more than once in your life?  Because your body has a proclivity to those specific imbalances when under stress …  either physical, mental or emotional.

In 2004 my neurologist took an MRI of my brain and also a spinal tap with samples sent to five different clinics for evaluation, including the Mayo Clinic. The image of my brain was completely white, it was that bad. By two years later the image of my brain was so normal the doc could not find any lesions on it. It stayed that way till 2011.

Although since 2004 my lifestyle has changed dramatically I still experienced  this imbalance again, after years of being “normal”, due to stress.   I was able to change it around last time, and I am perceiving now that one factor  in fixing the problem was by  “mistake”.   One thing I did right by mistake last time was causative in making things turn around for me. Knowing that, I paid attention, and discovered the emotion that I believe is the culprit.  I will be writing more about this in continuing posts. Stay tuned,  especially if you may be suffering from autoimmune issues.









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