Shearing Update #5 Two Meditations To Help You Fall Asleep Fast

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Fall Asleep Fast – And Create Your New World While You Are At It! 

Wouldn’t it be nice to put yourself to bed, tuck yourself in, and know you will be asleep in a few minutes and you will sleep soundly and comfortably, and then you’ll wake up in the morning feeling refreshed? WITHOUT having to take a pill or a potion? While we are each on our own journey for health we may indeed need to take advantage of some things that are available to us such as herbs or teas that help put our body back into balance, and which help us fall asleep. Or sometimes we resort to sleeping pills! But learning to sleep without needing outside influence, even if it is herbs, is the way a human body was meant to be.

Either one of these “meditations” can put you to sleep within 15 minutes… usually. Although you may habitually think about everything from what you’re making for dinner tomorrow to the theory of quantum physics as you’re trying to fall asleep, do your best to make sure you have taken care of any “loose ends” that need done before you get in bed. Adjust your body to be sure you are in a comfortable place.

Physical Problems That Prevent Sleep

Restless Legs In Bed

(If “restless legs” seem to be what often keeps you awake at night, you may want to try the homeopathic “restless legs” pills that I know many people used to tell me worked well for them. A few years ago Ronnie and I used to own a retail organic grocery/health food store and our customers always raved about how this product worked for them. But I know it is a short term fix … and it would be good to pay attention to your “Liver System”, according to TCM, i.e. traditional Chinese medicine. If you don’t know anything about what homeopathic remedies are, I will feature that information in a future post.)

Meditation #1 – Basic Meditation

Sleepy Monk Child

Close your eyes, and focus your mind on how your breath feels going in your nostrils, and coming out of your nostrils. As you breathe in does it feel warm? Moist or dry? Or cool? What side of your nostril is it going in? How does it feel on the skin inside your nostril? Then notice – how does it feel as it goes out? Notice the differences. Keep doing that, keep focusing on that. Nothing else. If your mind wanders, that’s OK, just bring it back to there. Soon you will be waking up in the morning.  This is a basic meditation.  You can do this for a few minutes to calm down during the day. But if you do it while you  are resting in bed and trying to go to sleep, you probably will fall asleep easily.

Meditation #2 –  The Raise Your Vibration Meditation

The second meditation which I do sometimes is also very useful for getting one into the habit of being thankful. That’s all it is! As you are laying in bed you focus your mind on thinking of 20 things you are thankful for. The people in your life. The things you have. The situations or circumstances you are in. With each thing that you think of, go into detail about it. Remind yourself why you are thankful for each thing. For some people this is easy to do. Some people feel they have a lot to be thankful for. For other people this “meditation” is much more difficult. There will be a future post about how the purposeful act of being thankful about something – whatever it is and what ever is going on – because being thankful for it will change its energetic frequency and being thankful for it will raise it to a higher vibration. But for now, think of things you are thankful for in detail. Or you may only be able to think of things you may not find so pleasant in your life but think of reasons why you can be thankful for it… it will change for the better, it has no other choice.

The Three Keys

Living a balanced life will bring health and keep you healthy. But no matter what you do, or how many drugs or pills or potions you take, or how “good” your diet is – the body cannot be optimally healthy unless these three things are working: you must have a functioning digestive system, you must have regular bowel movements daily, and you must get an amount of sleep that lets your brain and your cells physically regenerate. Without sleep your body and brain cannot and does not repair itself or work correctly.

Create Your New World By Being Thankful As You Fall Asleep

Try either of these two simple meditations as you are lying in bed ready to sleep. Do these along with everything else you can to balance your life and your health for restful sleep every night. And  while you are at it, having gratitude and being thankful will change the energetic frequency of everything, and change it for the better.  

Interestingly, the word gratitude “has the same frequency as the word love and the word money. They all add up to the number nine. Think about that. So Be It!” (1)

Join me for more unconventional perceptions liberating your heart and mind at the next Shearing Update

-Elaine xo

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