Shearing Update #6 Interstellar Mathematical “Morse Code” Reveals Earth’s OTHER Noah’s Ark

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Earth Is Being Signaled With A Mathematical Binary Code

Astronomers have discovered the earth has been being signaled since 750 BC. But not with radio frequencies. Instead, with a light (photon) mathematical binary code, a repetitive interstellar “Morse code”. Archeologists have unearthed a group of ancient megalithic stone structures which not only depict but line up perfectly with the star … and reveal the location as the depository of all the standing wave patterns (sound frequency patterns of energetic signatures) of all the creatures inhabiting Earth at that time. (They can tell how long it’s been by measuring light years.)

Buried on purpose, the ancient megalithic structures of Gobleki Tepe are thought to have been created, and then buried, possibly to preserve the energetic patterns – the sound signatures – of all life on earth, recorded through sound frequency in stone.

Gobekli Tepe animals

1000 miles northeast of the pyramids in Egypt, in southeast Turkey, is a megalithic structure site that aligns itself with “Tabi Star” (star #kic8462852) in the Cygnus star system. Gobleki Tepe turns out to be 7000 years older than Stonehenge in England, which was previously thought to be the oldest structure in the world.


The site had been discovered and excavated since 1990 by the archaeologist Klaus Schmidt. All excavation stopped in mid 2014 when Schmidt, the archeologist who was heading the team, mysteriously died. 95% of the site is still buried. Most archaeologists have now concluded the site was slowly and continuously created, and had existed in total for about 1500 years. But after it was built it was purposely buried, as if to preserve the knowledge and information expressed and displayed on the stones. The satellite views of the site reveals it is a complex archaeological site which was there before the ice cover of the ice age.

Archaeologists are now presuming that the large tower stones were for frequency resignation, perhaps recording the frequency patterns of the different animals of the earth, which are drawn on all of the stones. The entire site is in a low hollowed out bowl-like area, in which sound, or a standing wave pattern, would resonate in. Scientists are now asking the question could Gobekli Tepe have been constructed as a way to preserve the animal DNA patterns, similar to what we know as Noah’s Ark? Or perhaps to communicate with extra terrestrials?


On the stones at Gobekli Tepe the carvings of the stars indicate a special purpose for the Cygnus star system. Is it coincidental that the one star which astronomers have noticed blinking in a mathematical sequence, the only one in the sky that does that – Tabi star – is specifically aligned with the stone pillars at Gobekli Tepe… the pillars that depict the star system? (Read more about the Cygnus Key here.) Many have asked, is it a specific message for the people of earth to notice? Especially considering the fact that archeologists have determined it was built and then purposely covered up about 1000 years later, not by sedimentation or by water but by the work of people pouring sand over it a little at a time from buckets. It is speculated by the geologists and archaeologists and other scientists that it contains the standing wave patterns of the frequencies of all the different inhabitants of the Earth within the stones themselves, because of all the different pictures of all the animals from everywhere on earth that are carved into it.


Are the monoliths frequency generators, since they are all within a dug out “bowl” within the ground? And is it a coincidence that the archaeologist who discovered this and was making it his life’s work to reveal the secrets held within this oldest “temple” on the face of the earth, was it a coincidence he mysteriously and unexpectedly died?

Gobleki Tepe – Noah’s Ark                                                                                    Scientists are questioning if Gobekli Tepe is a gateway to another star system, and maybe to the ancient race who either lived or visited here. Did the race who built these stone frequency records know when to expect a catastrophe? Maybe they were the ones who first created and then covered the area, which was purposely done, to preserve the information so that when the earth was again in habited, the frequency wave patterns would be available for the creation of the DNA and so that we could find it and reveal it.


Along with the carvings depicting every living creature on earth are carvings of writings in Hindu, Egyptian, Japanese, and Sumarian … every culture that had been separated by time and distance. Every culture that we always assumed had no connection, certainly not in this way, with each other. In Iraq, Syria, and Turkey ancient places and artifacts like this one are being deliberately destroyed by war. We will never be able to decipher or decode again what their message for us is. Are we a species living with amnesia of what this science and technology was all about? Is this information being hidden from us on purpose?

Although this information and knowledge about Gobekli Tepe has been around for a while, it is not commonly taught or known. Hopefully this article has helped to lift the wool that’s been pulled over our collective eyes.

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