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This blog is for people like you and me who are “Lifting The Wool” that’s been pulled over our eyes so now we can see things as they really are, and see previously unnoticed solutions to problems we face in our every day lives.

Elaine Schiano Silverman

Hi, my name is Elaine Silverman. I feel like I have lived three, maybe more, lifetime’s worth of experience and knowledge … and I feel that what I should do is share this knowledge and information with anyone who finds me here and happens to need it and who wants it. This blog is my way of passing on what I know.

I have done this before. I actually do it all the time. I am living in the house I wanted, with the features we chose at the time, (at least two miles from a paved road, farm ground and hay field and woods), and my spouse gets to stay home with me. Cool, right? Well … I was missing a piece of the puzzle. I didn’t understand the “how”. I didn’t understand how connecting with your heart to guide your desires in everyday life, and then using your mind (in conjunction with your heart), was the way to actually – purposefully – make it happen. Heart/Mind Harmony is how you create the world you want to see around you, and how you create your own life.

We all need help from each other, and it’s good to work together. To learn from each other’s mistakes, and maybe more importantly, each other’s successes. And, from each others inspirations. I hope you can learn from mine. On a personal level, I am currently handicapped from multiple sclerosis in a wheelchair, (you can tell it has affected my hands and handwriting too by looking at the title image), but I don’t intend to stay that way. I am also married to a loving and lovely transgender wife, although we didn’t start out that way when we married 28 years ago. But most important for the information shared in this blog, I am a freelance writer, (published in magazines and author of three books), and a researcher. I research why things aren’t really as they seem. I research what really is the truth about things. And I write about it. Revealing the truth about what I find out. I found inspiration and information to help me on this journey which I will write about in this blog. Information and inspiration about how to use our hearts to guide our mind and our lives.

Down The Dirt Lane

Come on this journey with me, this Journey of Insight.  Let’s explore together the truth about what is really REAL in this society and life as we live it today. Let’s explore the truth, let’s find out what is really going on around us. Let’s use a mix of science and spirituality to get to the bottom of things. Let’s find out the truth about the things we’ve been taught to believe.

We – you and I – are together Lifting The Wool that was once pulled over our eyes … finding out the truth about our own personal power and potential. Be sure to request our weekly email which will remind you to go to the website to check out the latest posts. Don’t miss a single one! Click on the weekly reminder link below. When you do, I’ll automatically send back to you a copy of the special Five Steps “Heart/Mind Harmony” mini-poster. It’s everything written in one place revealing how to actually connect with your heart power and then once in that state use your mind to change things in your life to match your desires. (And it will also reveal what you’ll never be able to change, and why!) Pin it to one of your boards or print it out and tape it inside your bedroom closet door to remind you every day how to create what you want!

We’ll visit again at the Shearing Updates …

Elaine xo

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